February 6, 2009

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A meeting will be held on Saturday, February 14th, at Green Mountain Presbyterian Church (12900 W. Alameda Parkway, located in the “Safeway” mini-mall), at 9am. Steve Carpenter, of Lakewood Parks And Recreation, will be speaking about Forsberg-Iron Spring and the dog park, and we hope that park patrons will attend the meeting! We are going to address several issues, including the lack of parking on busy days, as well as make our suggestions for a better park made known. This meeting will give us park patrons a chance to voice our opinions, concerns and wish-lists for a better park! Again, the meeting is at 9:00am, Saturday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day). Please join us!!!


Welcome to the “unofficial” website for Lakewood’s first off-leash dog park, located at Forsberg-Iron Spring Park. The park is located at 14800 W. Alameda Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80228. Re-developed and opened in the Summer of 2008, the off-leash area provides over 2.5 acres of fenced-in lawns (in two sections) for you and your dog to run, play and make new four- and two-legged friends! Forsberg-Iron Spring Park also provides acres of unfenced recreation areas for your family, including two covered pavillions: the upper pavillion provides several picnic tables as well as two charcoal barbecue grills, quick access to the parking lot and restrooms, a native plant display and natural sandbox area for the kids, as well as a panoramic view of Lakewood, Denver, Red Rocks Amphitheatre and beyond. The lower pavillion provides two picnic tables and is right next to the fenced-in dog park area.

The dog park also provides several amenities that many other off-leash’s do not provide, including a “dog water fountain”, a sally port to keep off-leash dogs from escaping the fenced in area, four picnic tables within the dog area, dog waste bag dispensers and courtesy watering bowls.

Please browse and enjoy the website! First-time visitors should read the “Dog Park Rules & Tips” and “Dog Park Q & A” pages first, and scroll down this page for park news and updates! Interact with other park visitors on the dog park’s Facebook page! And most importantly, come join us at Lakewood’s first off-leash “bark park!”

This website will be continually updated with more photos, an event calender, articles, etc. Please keep checking back, and be sure to join us on the FIS Facebook page, generously setup and run by Smoudre’s owner, Marshall!


[Last Updated: February 9th, 2009]

Coyote encounters have become more and more prevalent on the news lately, and they thrive in the Green Mountain area. So far, there have been no problems with coyotes at the dog park, although they have been spotted in the nearby residential areas on a regular basis. Coyotes are primarily nocturnal, and coupled with the amount of people usually at the dog park, encounters shouldn’t be an issue during normal park hours. However, if there should be a coyote encounter at the park: yell, shout, throw rocks, but DO NOT put yourself in the middle of the fight! If you or your dog is injured by a coyote, call local animal control (303-277-0211) and/or 911 immediately (especially if you have been bitten!!!) It is also EXTREMELY important (and the law) to make sure your dog is current on his rabies vaccination! And lastly, coyotes CAN successfully mate with domestic dogs, their mating season being January through March. Although this is extremely rare, it is just another one of many reasons to have your dog spayed or neutered!

Many visitors are still not cleaning up dog waste! Not only is this required by the park, it is required by law (not cleaning up your dog’s waste is a $50-per-violation fine in Jefferson County!) With the recent influx of new park visitors, we have noticed that this problem is getting proportionally worse, and there is absolutely no excuse for not picking up after your dog. There are several plastic bag dispensers located throughout the park, and many people even tie up extra bags to the fence. There is absolutely NO reason visitors should not be cleaning up after their dogs aside from sheer laziness! Dog waste can transmit disease (E.coli, worms, etc) to both other dogs and humans, and it’s disgusting to have to clean it off your shoes. If your dog runs off to the far side of the park and you are unable to find his poop, please be considerate and at least pick up a couple of errant piles: there’s plenty to go around! The dog park is NOT a place for you to let your dog do his business without cleaning it up! This is fast becoming intensely annoying for all of the responsible dog owners that use the park, as we don’t want the park shut down or other dogs or people getting sick! We have also been made aware of a few parks in California and elsewhere that have been shut down because of excessive E.coli contamination due to dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs. Don’t let this happen to Forsberg-Iron Spring!!!

Jefferson County requires all dog owners to register their dogs yearly. It has been brought to our attention that Lakewood and JeffCo have been randomly checking dogs lately to see if they have a license. If you are a Lakewood/Jefferson County resident, you are required to have a license for each dog you own. Licenses are $15 for a neutered/spayed dog, and $30 for unaltered dogs (dogs must also be current on their rabies vaccinations to get a license!) While there haven’t been officers in the park itself, it would be a good idea to get the license for your pets (the fine for not having your dog licensed is pretty steep.) Having a license also guarantees that your dog is returned to you without a fine if he ever gets loose. Check out Jefferson County’s website for more information.

Several vehicles have been broken into lately, during daylight hours. The parking lot is not visible from the dog park, so please lock any valuables in your trunk or take them with you. If you notice any suspicious behavior or witness criminal activity, please call Lakewood Police immediately at 303-987-7111 or Jefferson County Sheriffs Office at 303-277-0211.

“No Parking” signs have been placed along the south side of Alameda Parkway, next to the park. DO NOT PARK THERE!!! Lakewood Police and Jefferson County Sheriffs have been ticketing those that have been ignoring the signs! Once again, parking on the south shoulder of Alameda Parkway is NO LONGER ALLOWED, and you will be ticketed! The first offense is a $50 ticket, and it gets far more expensive for repeat offenders.

The Lakewood Parks Department has shut off the water fountain for the winter (as well as locked the bathrooms.) This is to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting, which has already happened once over the past few months due to an early-season freeze. Even though the current weather is cold, please bear in mind that your dog needs lots of water, so it’s recommended that you either bring a jug to fill the courtesy bowls, or train your dog to drink out of a water bottle.