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I have been given the blessing of CARMA DEVELOPERS LP to construct this website and they have been very receptive to my communications, despite the fact that this is not an “official” site. Also, my liaison at CARMA, Kristin, has graciously answered the questions that many of us dog park visitors have been wondering about. These questions and answers are posted almost verbatim, only edited for length.


Q: The dog-waste bag dispensers are a recent addition…Will these be refilled by CARMA, or should be bring leftover plastic bags to stock them?

A: Refilling of the plastic bags is the responsibility of the dog park users. [ed: Many of us have dozens of empty plastic grocery bags under our kitchen sink, so this would be a good way to put them to use!]

Q: What is the purpose of the fence in the middle of the dog park?

A: The idea is that, periodically, the use of each dog area will be rotated to allow the grass to re-grow.

Q: What is that size of the dog park?

A: Approximately 2.5+ acres.

Q: What is the issue with the severe gravel and ground erosion in some of the pathways?

A: The gravel paths were not properly compacted. The contractor for the dog park is responsible for correcting the issue. As it concerns the eroded ground, the contractor is also responsible to correct the issue. The problem will be monitored and if it persists through winter, then we will welcome your suggestion to add brick, pour concrete or another alternative in the spring. [ed: I had suggested putting cross-pavers of brick or concrete every ten feet or so, which is what she is referring to. Most masonry contractors do not do very much working during the winter, on account of the low temperatures that preclude concrete from curing properly.]

Q: Some of us have wondered why there is no lighting, given that it gets dark at 4:30pm during the winter.

A: The City Of Lakewood Parks Department did not want lighting for the park, to be sensitive to the concerns of adjacent homeowners. [ed: Many of us have come up with a “solar light” solution, which would charge the lamps long enough for them to be visible until about 10pm. Another recent suggestion is installing the ground-based lamps that point up, usually installed around trees. I will be submitting both of these suggestions to CARMA next time I contact them.]

Q: Why are the restrooms locked?

A: The restrooms should be open, unless the City of Lakewood closes restrooms for the winter. We will check into the issue. [ed: I have since found out that it is Lakewood Parks Department practice to lock all park restrooms during the winter months, as well as shut off all water supply. This is to keep pipes from bursting, and also affects the dog watering fountain, which is turned off during the winter as well.]

Q: Why is the water/dog fountain turned off?

A: See previous question.

Q: Why can’t we park on the shoulder of Alameda Parkway anymore?

A: There is vegetation that is supposed to be regrowing there, and the parking made it very difficult to re-grow.

Additionally, the park is not complete. In Spring 2009, more work will be done to improve the park and complete the work started this past summer.


If you have any unanswered questions regarding the dog park, please contact me here and I will be happy to forward them to Kristin. I will then post the answers on this page, and alert you when your question has been answered. Keep in mind that I do not work for CARMA or have any affiliation with them…I am only a user of the dog park, who took it upon himself to put this website together to help fellow visitors stay connected and up to date on developments within the park.


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